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Do you simply wish to spend a day playing fun-filled games, winning huge and engaging in endless witty conversations? If yes, then online bingo is the thing that should strike your mind at first instant! The popular site New Look Bingo ensures you spend some quality time every day by indulging in the world full of fantastic games and incredible offers.

Every player’s chosen site presents unique interactive chat feature through which you can easily connect with your fellow participants on the same gambling platform. Such a special facet fosters socialization among folks making their bingo hours exciting and entertaining like never before.

You can bet on any games of your choice on the site that covers bingo, slots, casino and freebets. There is a perfect blend of traditional and patterned bingo games including 90 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball, 50 ball and 30 ball. Make it big by … Read More

20 Blackjack Tips for Beginners


No matter how you look, blackjack is simply playing the best game in a casino. It is easy to learn. It offers some of the best chances of winning. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun. However, there are some important things that every beginner should know before the blackjack table. First, it is always important to follow the proper protocol.

Blackjack rules of etiquette.

1 Never give unsolicited advice or strategy game to other players.

2 Do not touch the cards when dealt face up.

3 Once the cards are dealt, you can not touch your bet.

4 When buying chips, throwing your money on the table. Not for distribution directly to the dealer.

5 When copying, your chips next to your original bet, not on top of it.

6 Wait until the hand before buying chips.

7 Do not harass traders advise.

8 Tip of the … Read More

Application of Insurance in Blackjack


A player has the opportunity to create their hand has an ace as the up card. This is a scenario in which the dealer can get a natural blackjack defend. Like any normal insurance, including health, life, etc, Blackjack insurance is a protective measure to negative expectations. The reader detects a negative result, and protects against possible loss, which is the initial bet in this scenario. If the dealer shows 10 or figure as a hole card, the bet pays 2-1. Otherwise, the insurance wager loses and the game continues normally. The maximum bet for sure, it can be done, half of the original bet is.

In casinos where insurance is table b are clearly displayed. Payments usually be 2-1, and is mentioned in the table. This area of ??the table is used when the dealer called “open safe” and then said, “Sure closed.” Within this period, the insurance bet … Read More

A Blackjack Strategy That Will Never Fail


The card counting system is very popular for many years, but recently it was discovered that also fails. Due to the change in how black plays, the card counting system not held any. With the introduction of Blender and multiple decks, card counting is not possible. It is impossible to count cards playing blackjack online. It is sheer waste of time and money if you use the card counting strategy blackjack online game.

Furthermore, the strategy is counting cards black cat of no use to you if you are not very good with numbers. You should be able to practice religion in card counting strategies so you can get it right all the time. It is not difficult cards in a game for multiple platforms include where the current account is divided by the number of decks remaining. It’s easy to be a champion in the game of blackjack, you … Read More

Greg Raymer – Professional Poker Player Review Series


Greg Raymer Gregory Reymer or is a professional poker player. It is famous for being the winner of the World Series of Poker 2004. Greg Raymer was born on 25 June 1964 Born in Minot. After winning the World Series of Poker 2004, all worlds have come to know as one of the best poker players in the world. It is also one of the other famous poker players.. because of its holographic sunglasses worn during the game.

The World Series of Poker is the largest poker tournament in the world and is held every year in Las Vegas. The tournament was held for over a month. There are many varieties of poker that can be played in different casinos around the world. In this tournament, protesters play all varieties of this popular casino game.

Childhood Greg Raymer was on the way from one place to another. His family moved … Read More

Andy Bloch – Professional Poker Player Review Series


What would you do? If you took an engineering degree from a prestigious university like MIT and Law from Harvard University, the most likely answer to this question is a high profile job as a big boss gets in a multinational company. But if you are Andy Bloch, who will certainly be a professional poker player.

Andy Bloch is one of the outstanding players of the poker industry survived this poker game a while ago. The realization of this poker player includes several tournaments he reached the final table and a win in the last years WSOP Circuit event. This amazing character is an enigma in the world of poker, here is a look at the life of this extraordinary man. Andy Bloch grew up playing cards with friends and family, it can be easily said that tended to win at poker from a very early age. When he finished … Read More

Annie Duke – Professional Poker Player Review Series


Annie Duke is a household name in the poker world. Although Annie is often regarded as a writer, which is popular as a professional poker player. She is best known for a prize of $ 2,000,000 in the first World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions in September 2004. On this page, you can learn about the life and work of Annie Duke, as a poker player.

Annie Duke was born on 13 September 1965 Born in Concord, New Hampshire. His father was Richard Lederer, linguist and writer. He was also a professor at the School of St. Paul. She has a brother and a sister, Katy Lederer Howard Lederer and everyone. Howard also happens to be a professional poker player, while Katy is also a poet and author. His most famous work is Poker Face: A Girlhood among players, a book about Lederer.

He studied at Columbia University with … Read More

Phil Laak – Professional Poker Player Review Series


Besides international reputation in general to be a poker player, Phil Laak is best known for her unique sense of fashion to impress much allover the world. Every time I put the sunglasses fashion, it seems that Hollywood player not as a poker player. Therefore, this elegant man is named as the “Unabomber”. The man is strong in the study of the physical universe and meta factotum believes in the process of reading to get the opponent’s mind during the game absorbs.

He admits that even if poker is your passion and not profession, was one of the poker players the most influential contemporary times. In addition to participating in poker, Phil Laak other aspects of their activities. For example, now I begin to sports betting and running Besides being a poker player, he was also a real estate developer and a trader in the market. This man of varied … Read More

Amir Vahedi – Professional Poker Player Review Series


Amir Vahedi is someone most people refer to a survivor of the story, a man who truly lived the American dream. The man who was born in Tehran, Iran, fled Germany as a political refugee during the war between Iran and Iraq, and eventually came to the United States in search of a decent life. Vahedi discovered poker in 1997, and it was love at first sight when she learned the ropes of the game, he went to work in different jobs, and is now a professional poker full time..

Amir Vahedi is undoubtedly one of the best professional poker players who have mastered the poker tables for some time. Vahedi was born in Iran in 1961, immigrated to the United States as a refugee from the war after the Iranian military leave at the request of his mother. After running many small businesses in the United States, is founded … Read More

Phil Gordon – Professional Poker Player Review Series

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In the poker world, an easy name to remember is Phil Gordon. Best known as the nice guy of poker. In 2007, the outcome of which poker player has exceeded $ 1.6 million. Although these poker player has not yet reached a bracelet, but it is a tiger in the jungle poker famous. He began his first edition of 2001. During the year, took fourth place in the World Series of Poker Championship Event and won $ 400,000. Phil Gordon made two final tables and won the sixth in Pot Limit Hold’em, Omaha and third 8/Better.

Phil Gordon are drawn to sports journalism in 2003. Analyzed the WSOP Championship Event for the live broadcast on the Internet Binion. At the same time, given a change in a national radio audience on a daily basis. Both players were eliminated by him in 2004 and won “Bay 101 Shooting Stars” tournament WPT. … Read More